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Breathable Padded Bra, Oxymoron? December 3, 2009

Breeze Comfort BASIC Perforated Push-up Bra

Perforated bra pad with holes from Breeze Comfort

You’ve heard of breathable shoes, what about breathable bras?  Some might argue breasts are just as if not more important than feet.  So it is equally important to find bras that fit correctly with the right support and look good, but also keep your breast area cool and dry.

The fact is that padded bras today do not breathe no matter what breathable fabrics (CoolMax, MESH, Microfibres, Supplex, etc.) the body of the bras are made of.  Reason being is that the pads inside the bras do not allow air circulation.  Unless you don’t really sweat in the breast area, discomfort like breast area dampness can be caused by traditional padded bras.  Traditional padded bras marketed as breathable with the fancy breathable frabrics aren’t going to help much.

What about the push-up bras?  Yes, discomfort are more exaggerate in them because the push up pads are even thicker in an area of the breast that usually sweats the most!  Things women do to look good.  As a side note, prolonged exposure to sweat in the breast area trapped under wet garment can potentially cause breast acne!  Pretty nasty thought, isn’t it?

Love the padded bra look and support but want to reduce that sweaty feeling?  When shopping for padded bras, in addition breathable fabrics, one should look for bra pads that are perforated with holes to allow air circulation.  One company that carries this product is Breeze Comfort.